The Faculty of Syariah and Law, Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS) will be organising the 6th Muzakarah Fiqh and International Fiqh Conference 2022 (MFIFC2022) with the theme “Fiqh on Dispute Resolution”. The aim of this online conference is to intensify efforts in empowering the culture of knowledge among academicians, scholars and members of the public. This is done by providing an avenue for them to share their knowledge and the product of their research and also creating a space for healthy discussions among subject matter experts, academicians, policy makers, NGOs, members of the public and students. The findings of the conference will be compiled into resolutions as useful inputs that will assist stakeholders in addressing the current challenges and issues faced by the ummah.

The objectives of the International Fiqh Conference are:

  • To provide a platform for intellectual presentation and discussion from the theoretical and practical aspects of dispute resolution.

  • To provide an avenue for subject matter experts, academicians and stakeholders to share their views, experience and ideas relating to dispute resolution.

  • To enhance knowledge for the benefit of the ummah as a whole.

  • To compile research findings in the form of e-proceedings and journals for dissemination to relevant parties.

As part of the tradition, MFIFC2022 will also be organising the Muzakarah Fiqh with the theme "Empowerment of Single Mothers in Dealing with Shariah Law and Psychological Issues” that will be conducted face to face and online via official social media platform.

The objectives of the Muzakarah Fiqh are:

  • To discuss issues relating to empowerment of single mothers from the islamic and psychological perspectives.

  • To propose practical solutions to the issues relating to single mothers by taking into consideration various perspectives.

  • To enrich the knowledge, culture and cooperation among academics and leaders in dealing with the issues surrounding the ummah.

  • To compile findings and resolutions from the discussion and disseminate them to the public and relevant stakeholders.