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IRSYAD 2017 (3rd International Conference On Islamiyyat Studies 2017) formerly known as International Seminar on Aqidah, Syariah and Dakwah , a series of international conference organized by the Faculty of Islamic Civilization Studies. This international conference continues in order to help improve research development and conferences among the academicians and be able to share research findings at international level. Studies in Islamic, Shariah, Islamic law, Dakwah, Usuluddin, Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah, Tahfiz & Qiraat and Arabic Language is a very important element in the development of the Muslim community. Islamic studies in these disciplines are interrelated to each other.

The role of all these elements must be viewed in a holistic and integrated way particularly in relation to the direct or indirect relationship with the development of the society. Usuluddin is the main foundation of a Muslim identity. Usuluddin is the main foundation of a Muslim identity. On the other hand, Dakwah completes the role as a vicegerent on earth. Sharia and Islamic law is a counterweight and a measure of one's practice in order to be accepted and blessed by Allah SWT. Meanwhile, Quran & Sunnah are the guidelines for human life to a wellbeing in this world and the hereafter. Additionally, Arabic is a key to understand all the disciplines of Islamic studies. Thus, the integration of functions between all disciplines of Islamic studies have become a major point towards creating a strong relationship and cooperation in order to develop a society that uphold the oneness of God, spreading the message of Islam and to ensure the public interest to always be on the right track.

Recognizing the importance of all these component in the development of society and the state, the Faculty of Islamic Civilization Studies is organizing a 3rd International Conference on Islamiyyat Studies (IRSYAD 2017). This seminar will be a forum for debate, presentations, sharing of knowledge related to Shariah, Islamic law, Dakwah, Usuluddin, Quran & Sunnah, Tahfiz & Qiraat and Arabic Language theoretically or practically. The seminar will also focus on studies and research related to Islamic studies covering all fields of science and current related issues.


The objectives of the Conference are:

Strengthening the role of Islamic studies in the development of the community at local and international level
To identify issues related to Islamic studies theoretically and practically.
To offer solutions to issues in Islamic studies.
To provide individuals who are ever ready to face the current challenges related to Islamic studies.
To organize the MoU signing ceremony between Faculty of Islamic Civilisation Studies and Islamic University of Jakarta, Indonesia, Yayasan Restu, Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books (ITBM) Bhd and Dar Shifa`.


"Islamic Studies in the Era of Globalization : Challenges and Solutions"