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Aqidah, Dakwah and Shariah are three important elements in Islamic society development because these elements are interrelated. Their role should be seen together and entirely, whether in direct and indirect relationship to the society development. Aqidah is the main root of Muslims identity while dakwah completes the role of a human as a caliph on the earth. The Shariah becomes the scale or counterbalance to one’s deeds so that the deeds will be accepted and blessed by Allah SWT.

Thus, these three elements should be seen together as one, as they become a critical point towards a strong relationship and cooperation in order to create a society that is always worshipping Allah, preaching the words of Islam and taking care of the society’s prosperousness and well-being. When these elements are complete, Muslims will be on the right track and they will be blessed by Allah SWT.

Realizing the importance of these three elements to the society and country, Academy of Islamic Studies, KUIS is taking an initiative in organizing International Conference on Aqidah, Dakwah and Shariah 2016 (IRSYAD 2016) as a platform for debating, presenting and sharing on the knowledge theoretically and practically. This seminars will be focusing on researches that are related to Aqidah, dakwah and shariah ranging from all academics areas together with their current issues.


The objectives of the seminars are:

To enhance the role of aqidah, dakwah and shariah in society’s development at the national and international level.
To identify the current issues on aqidah, dakwah and shariah theoretically and practically.
To provide solutions to related issues on aqidah, dakwah and shariah.
To create an awareness about the threats faced by aqidah, dakwah and shariah as in the local and global contexts/situations.
To have individuals who are well prepared in facing current challenges that are related to aqidah, dakwah and shariah.


"Aqidah, Dakwah and Shariah : Issues dan Challenges in Modern World"