IRSYAD 2019 (5th International Seminar on Islamiyyat Studies 2019) that is also known as the International Seminar on Aqidah, Sharia and Dakwah is an international conference series that is organized by Faculty of Islamic Civilization Studies (FPPI). The continuity of this international conference can be done in order to improve research development as we well as enable the academia to share their research findings at an international setting. Islamic studies, sharia, Islamic laws, dakwah, Islamic theology, Al-Quran & Al-Sunnah, Tahfiz & Qiraat as well as the Arabic language are important elements in the development of the Muslim communities.

All of these disciplines in Islamic studies are inter-related with one another. The roles of all these elements must be viewed holistically as well as integratedly especially direct and indirect relationships in the development of a community. Theology is the main core of a Muslim’s identity. On the other hand, Dakwah completes the role of a Muslim as a caliph on this earth. Sharia and Islamic laws become the scale to measure one’s deeds in order for them to be accepted and blessed by Allah SWT. In contrast, the Quran and al-Sunnah become a life guide for humans to obtain prosperity during their lives on earth as well as at the afterworld. The Arabic language is seen as a tool for humans to understand all branches of discipline in Islamic studies. The study of Quranic interpretation and reading are the two basic knowledge that must be learned by all Muslims, generally and especially for the academia that are involved or conducting in-depth research in Islamic studies.

Thus, the integrated functions of all disciplines in Islamic studies are crucial in the efforts of establishing a community that acknowledges Allah SWT as the one true Creator, spreading the word of Islam and ensure the community to stay away from destruction by being on the path of truth that is blessed by Allah SWT. In realizing the importance of all the components in the development of the community and country, Faculty of Islamic Civilisation Studies (FPPI) is taking the initiative to organize the Fourth International Seminar on Islamiyyat Studies 2019 (IRSYAD 2019). This conference will be a medium for debates, presentations and knowledge-sharing related to sharia, Islamic laws, dakwah, theology, al-Quran and al-Sunnah, Tahfiz & Qiraat as well as Arabic language, either in theory or practice. It will also focus on researches and studies conducted related to Islamic studies which include all of the academic fields and relevant current affairs.


Conference Objective

  • Strengthening the role of Islamic studies in the development of the community at local and international level.

  • To identify issues related to Islamic studies theoretically and practically.

  • To offer solutions to issues in Islamic studies.

  • To provide individuals who are ever ready to face the current challenges related to Islamic studies.


Conference Theme

“Sustaining Islamic Turath Through Knowledge Integration”


MEDIUM of Language

This conference will be conducted in three languages: Malay, English and Arabic Language.


Conference Day and Date

Tuesday - Wednesday, 5th - 6th November 2019


Conference Venue

Tenera Hotel, Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia

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