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The Hadith was Rasulullah's legacy and the second source in Islam which is used as the main center for Islamic education since the early ages of Islam. Its influence has spread widely across the world including Malaysia. It is undeniable that the Malay's scholars were involved in its teaching. However, its role should be exposed to increase the high identity of Islam, explicity towards Malaysian about the level of awareness and earnestness of the early generations in protecting and spreading this noble treasure to the people.

On the other hand, studying and learning about Hadith had faced some great challenges, especially on fabrication of Hadith which the guise of goodness and personal interests. Thus, as a follow up to the previous IMAM 2016, currently INHAD organizes a conference and the second discussion about the Hadith (2nd INHAD International Muzakarah & Mu'tamar On Hadith (IMAM2017) with the theme "Hadith Nabawi in Malay Archipelago: History and Progress".

As hope this conference will gain many involvement and great greetings mainly from the Academicians, researchers and Muslims all around the world, to strengthen the research of Hadith as a source of Islamic law.


To exposure on the history of study Hadith in Malay Archipelago.

To generate suggestions and innovative ideas on how to deal with forgery Hadith in Malaysia.

To prevent some issues and generate generate understanding and intuitive stance according to Hadith Dhoif and Maudu'.




To provide an academic platform to share their bright ideas systematically in overcoming the challenges of the Islamic community regarding the Hadith issues.

To discuss current Hadith issues in a comprehensive and deeply way.

To disassembly the problems of Islamic community in scholastically astute manner.