The emergence of anti-hadith is mainly rooted in the misunderstanding of the Qur’anic verses, or the history of Muslim Community, or the history of the compilation of Prophetic Tradition and hadith-related researches. The errors in the understanding are caused by many identified factors; unfortunately, it is evident that numerous Muslim intellectuals had involved in this problem.

In encountering this problem, the supporters and devotees of the Prophetic Tradition are not only required to equip themselves with adequate knowledge, especially those related with the Qur’an and the Prophetic Tradition, but beyond that. They are required to unify their intellectual asset and expertise in synchronization to collectively solve the enigma where anti-hadith regards specifically; and contemporary issues on Hadith, in general, which need our attention to discuss them academically.

Thus, organizing iMaM is a platform for academics to academically share opinions among them and with the public community through exhaustive discussion on arising problems of Hadith Issues as well as to inculcate awareness on the dangers of Anti-Hadith Movement among the members of Muslim Community, both at national and international levels.


To inculcate awareness over and exposure about the danger of the anti-Hadith movement in Malaysia.

To generate suggestions and innovative ideas on how to best overcome the emergent permeation of the anti-Hadith influence in Malaysia.

To fortify the mutual true understanding and steadfast beliefs against the anti-Hadith movement.

To contribute purposeful efforts those really work towards annihilating the anti-Hadith movement efficiently.


To provide a platform for the academia to systematically share their bright ideas in overcoming the challenges of the Islamic Community regarding the Hadith related issues.

To assemble scholars and industrial key-players together discussing the Hadith related issues comprehensively profound.

To solve the problems that the Islamic Community is suffering from, which regards to Hadith related matters in scholastically astute manner.

To accumulate novel ideas on Hadith as a reliable source for advancement of human in all walks of life.

To testify that the Hadith is ever-relevant along with the ever-changing modern development.