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1. Research on postgraduate system, curriculum & management.
2. Enhancing postgraduate research on social sciences: development, action, policy & planning


1. Economics
2. Political Sciences
3. Anthropology
4. Sociology
5. History
6. Law
7. Linguistic
8. Business
9. Management
10. Finance
11. Accounting
12. Marketing
13. Education
14. Islamic Studies
15. Information Technology
16. E-Commerce.


1. Research on Postgraduate
The research should contribute to the development of system, curriculum and management of postgraduate studies.

2. Empirical Studies
The research should be based on observation and experience. It can be qualitative or quantitative method.

3. Conceptual Studies
The area of the study focuses on the development of a theory which explains a specific phenomena or behavior.

4. Case Studies
A study that related to any areas listed above.