The Faculty of Syariah and Law (FSU) is organising an International Conference on Syariah and Law (ICONSYAL 2021) with the aim of gathering scholars, academics, government representatives and non-government agencies involved in the vast field of Syariah and law. The theme wil be "Syariah and Law: An Impetus of Environmental Sustainability".

The purpose of this conference is to intensify efforts in empowering the culture of knowledge among academicians, scholars and members of the public. This is done by providing an avenue for them to share their knowledge and the product of their research and creating a space for healthy discussions among subject matter experts, academicians, policy makers, NGOs, members of public and students. The findings of the conference will be compiled into resolutions as useful inputs that will assist stakeholders in addressing the current challenges and issues faced by the ummah.

This conference is organised in collaboration with Academy of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Princess of Naradhiwas University, Thailand and Fakultas Syariah, Institut Agama Islam Negeri Surakarta, Indonesia as part of our wide global network.