The International Conference of Management and Muamalah 2014 (ICoMM 2014) is an interdisciplinary international conference that invites academicians, scholars and researchers, with broad and diverse research interests, from around the world to meet and exchange the latest ideas and views in a forum encouraging respectful dialogue. The ICoMM 2014 that composed research presentations in the various disciplines, themes and areas of Management and Muamalah field, will afford the opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, networking across higher education and facilitating partnerships across borders.

The main objective of this conference is to provide a forum and effective medium for academicians, scientists, scholars and researchers;


To provide an outstanding discussion for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology, and applications of Management and Muamalah.


To contribute to all major fields of Management and Muamalah in theoretical and application aspects.


To provide a platform to the global researchers and practitioners from both academics as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the fields.


To provide opportunities for people to share and nurturing knowledge, research ideas and findings, through publication of e-journal; ICoMM 2014 e-Journal of Management and Muamalah.

On behalf of the ICoMM 2014 Organizing Committee, we’re greatly pleasure to invite you to take part in the ICoMM 2014 conference to present your research findings, innovative ideas, synergizing knowledge and up-to-date methodologies in the various disciplines of Management and Muamalah themes and areas.

On this basis, the ICoMM 2014 Organizing Committee is calling for papers for submission to International Conference on Management and Muamalah (ICoMM) which address issues that serve the various field of Management and Muamalah locally and globally.

All papers will undergo a peer review process and all accepted papers will be published in the Refereed ICoMM Conference e-Proceedings with an e-ISBN. Selected papers will be published in the ICoMM e-Journal with an e-ISSN.

English is the official language of the conference. Nevertheless we also welcome papers submission in Malay language. Abstracts of no more than 300 words including key words should be submitted through the ICoMM 2014 online system. Authors of accepted abstracts are expected to submit a full and original research paper which is not submitted, published under consideration anywhere in other conferences or journal in the conference format via email.