The Conference on Philanthropy for Humanitarian Aid 2017 (CONPHA 2017) will provide a platform for dialogues and discussions between policy-makers, academics, researchers, graduate students, and practitioners to share knowledge, experiences and ideas of humanitarian issues and action. The theme of the conference is “Philanthropy for Humanitarian Aid as a mechanism to diminish poverty and maintain human dignity”. It will provide an opportunity to discuss on roles played by Islamic economics and finance in addressing the related issues.

Humanitarianism is one of the fundamental principles of the Muslim religion. The concept of charity is central to social justice, which is a sacred value in Islam and a central tenet of the faith.The act of giving money or helping someone in distress is not left to the free choice of the believer, but is instead an obligation in the same way as is prayer, fasting during the month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca. Through policy-oriented research, Islamic economics and finance must be ready than ever before to align the vision of the urgent need for more just, fair and equitable sustainable development. It is important to identify the role of Islamic social financing in humanitarian aid. Qur’an considers an act of charity as more than just a good deed because of its function in balancing social inequalities. The Qur’an also has numerous references to the importance of creating a just society and provides a framework for justice in inter-personal relationships, toward the poor and needy, and connections between communities and nations.

The establishment of higher education institutions such as KUIS, UNISSA and development finance institution e.g. IDB, respectively, have provided important avenues for practical implementation of education programs as well as increasing financing for economic and financial cooperation in order to achieve the spirit of philanthropy for humanitarian aid. The development of research and practice of Islamic economics and finance requires commitment by all the stakeholders as well as establishment of viable link between theory and policymaking by the policymakers.

This conference aim to bring all those various position together to debate aspirations and realities in relation to economics and finance and social responsibility by providing a platform to share current research with the objective of discussing issues and future prospects of Islamic economics and financial institutions towards improving the welfare of ummah.